Moving Supplies for Office & Residential Moving

Packing Essentials To Facilitate a Smooth Moving In Fredericton

Moving is hard work and it can be stressful if you’re not properly prepared. This is one of major reasons why one must consider hiring a moving company to move your most valuable items. Fortunately, having the right supplies and equipment makes it a lot easier. Here’s a list of 10 essentials that will help you get yourself organized and facilitate a smooth move in Fredericton:

  1. Boxes—Small boxes are perfect for heavy items and breakables like books or dishes, while larger boxes can be used to pack up light items like blankets, clothes and bulky winter coats. 
  2. Dollies—Whether it’s for local moving or office moving, dollies are essential for heavy items. Not only can a dolly save your back from serious injury but it can also save you serious time. 
  3. Tools and cleaning supplies—To facilitate the moving process and make it smoother, it is always advised to keep a tool box around. It may come in handy while disassembling furniture or doors. Additionally, we advise keeping cleaning supplies in proximity as it helps to clean up while we empty each room. 
  4. Markers—Permanent markers are a great way to label your boxes and indicate exactly what’s in them and to which room they belong. 
  5. Mattress bags—Keep your mattresses clean and in good condition by placing them in mattress bags before moving them. 
  6. Moving blankets—Moving blankets provide a layer of cushioning around, and between, hard furniture items like desks and dressers. Without blankets, these items can easily get scratched, dented or damaged beyond repair.
  7. Packing paper—Old newspapers and flyers are covered with ink that can leave a dirty residue on your dishes. Save yourself from having to rewash everything with plain packing paper. 
  8. Packing tape—Count on buying several rolls so that you can properly seal the top and bottom of each moving box. It is better to tape the bottom and top seams of the box a few times to where the stress is concentrated. 
  9. Padlock—A padlock can keep your belongings safe while you stop for lunch or spend the night in a hotel. For total security, choose New Brunswick’s local moving company like McMinniman's Moving and Storage to handle everything for you. That way you can relax and enjoy the journey. 
  10. Picture frame/mirror boxes—Large frames like pictures and mirrors need the added protection of a mirror box to protect them from damage. Be sure to use ample bubble wrap, paper, fabric sheets, and other kinds of materials before placing them in a box and a moving truck.

Remember to stay hydrated while you’re moving and keep plenty of refreshments nearby. It’s also a good idea to keep your toolbox handy in case you need to remove any doors or take apart furniture. For more helpful moving tips visit McMinniman’s Moving and Storage today. At McMinniman’s, we take care of everything so that you don’t have to.

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